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axon. knowledge hubs

knowledge hubs.

define unlimited knowledge hubs, using GPS-localisation or iBeacon-technolgy.

your app.

broadcast your individual experience to your clients, visitors, or employees using our whitelabel solution for smartphone and tablet.

axon. your app

function follows you!

choose your modules, based on your needs. our in-app store offers you a variety of features with many more to come.

  • fun quiz and other interactive games.
  • multimedia like videos or galleries.
  • easy to use content editing.
  • custom modules for your individual needs.
axon. your app

no code, just design.

enjoy our intuitive web-interface. setup your content and your style. manage your knowledge hubs and update your app in real time.

already using axon


  • GPS only
  • starter app
  • starter modules

starting from € 100,- per month
  • GPS + 6 x iBeacons
  • whitelabel app
  • starter modules
  • 3 x pro modules


  • unlimited iBeacons
  • individual modules

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